Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shabas SHABAS...........Not

SHABAS guys have fixed back the bulk meter.

Yahoooo....we are getting back our dirty water back.. the so called treated water.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010











Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yellow Box

Thinking What's wrong with the picture below ?


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


On 13Oct08 received a call from Rosman( ex-YDP, advisor for PPPEC ). Claiming that Syabas had called and informed him that water supply to estana court will be cut at anytime due to outstanding bill amounting to Rm38K.

Since JMB come into existence, MC had been delaying and not making prompt payments to Syabas and TNB, he left all of us with huge sum of unpaid bills. Its up to JMB to clear the mess left behind by MC.

Seem like JMB is not getting much help from Rinbun Capital.

Rosman together with Col Zaini had made appointment with Syabas to discuss and prevent the water interruption. I call JMB AJK members to follow, none wanted to follow or not free. So, at 7.30am 14Oct08, only Rosman, Col Zaini and myself run to Syabas Gombak/Selayang.

Two item were discussed

1) Billing individual water meter by Syabas to tenants directly. This issue been going on since May08. Syabas wants few thing need to be done before this "migration" can take place.

Briefly.. item discussed on..

  • Identify individual meters properly with tag.
  • Key to meter room to be hand over to Syabas.
  • No obstruction at meter area.
  • Roof top tank need to be clean every 6 months.
  • No outstanding bill.. RM38K must be cleared first.
  • All buyers need to submit agreement form to Syabas.
  • Syabas officer wiling to meet all buyers to explain the migration procedures.
MJB to inform and get the agreement from all buyers and settle all the issues. Only then can the individual meter will be done by syabas.. then we all can enjoy the benefit provided by PKR Selangor Government of free 20 cubic meter of water.

2) Item two was it the billing dept..

  • Requested the officer in charge to refrain from disconnecting the bulk meter.
  • Payment were to be made in stages.
  • To get Puan Rohaya of JMB to make payments asap.

Mr.Rosman making some suggestion to Syabas Officers on the payment method.

Syabas Officer..




The next day, Rosman had a meeting with JMB AKJ members.. He explain to the message from Syabas to them. Lots of finger pointing and blaming the ex-MC and PPPEC for the mess.

Bottom line, Rosman wants issues to be kept a side first and solve the water problem.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Early this month Makcik Aminah came to my house and requested me to do the water meter reading.. long story short.. i agree to do for one month with Hj Bakar.

Hj Bakar delay daly for few days.. finally we did the reading but found many of the water meter doors were lock. Some locks broken. JMB got no key, they say the keys kept by MC.

I took the reading for the meter with open doors for WING 1 and WING 2. I gave the reading to Hj Bakar to follow up. Till today no further news about individual water bill

Resently, Sahfi says he gave the keys to Rimbun Capital. So whats up with JMB and Rimbun?

Sahfi also says he had talk to Syabas and individual meter reading will be done by Syabas soon. JMB also had talk to Syabas about the same matter.

Its good if Syabas can take over. It would be very good.

JMB 3 AJK name been replaced.

Memo at the lift. The bloody stupid Promista Developers name is being used by this Rimbun Capital and JMB. Really muak la to see the Promista Developers name being used as Heading on the memo.

Kononya they will sue and take your house if you people dont pay them the money they want, that is the RM88. maintenance fee RM80 plus RM8 for sinking the condo.. hi hi

Anyhow, in the memo 3 new names appear as JMB AJK.. don't know what happen to TS Jeffrey and Shamsul, and Rohani.

In thier place, new names appear, Puan Zaiton A-3-5, Puan Rozie A-G-1 and Puan Aminah A-5-16.

From the buyers name list that i have, 2 of the AJKs are not the owners of the units here. Unless ownership been changed, i think they are not qualified to be in the AJK.. because Rimbun Capital guy said on 31Mei08 that only buyer who are staying here at estana court can be in the JMB.. but i guess thats a small matter.

The selected peoples name and phone number are displayed in the photo below..

Saturday, September 06, 2008

MC quits and PPPEC forced to disband.

Trouble at kandang kucing...

Rinbun Capital Sdn Bhd and the JMB ( Joint Management Body) had some kind of heated meeting resently with our MC and persatuan PPPEC.

News is that the JMB champion by makcik Rohaya and makcik Zainap had caused the MC to quit.

Since the Rimbun Capital had declared that our persatuan is no longer relevant, eventhough only thru PPPEC does estana court been operating.

As such PPPEC no longer active. Its a dead association. Rimbun Capital and JMB will handle all problems. They are the new Management Company..

Its sad to know that PPPEC been forced out, after all estana court is revived because of good people from PPPEC. Now it seem PPPEC is irrelevant.

Anyhow, water bill to SYABAS and electric bill to TNB must be made on time.

Maintenance fee and Individual water bills collections must go on.

With Mihrab Binaan Snd Bhd as MC, things were move at snail pace. So many things left undone but at least eventhough not perfect, the jobs like cleaning, gardening, security and collection of maintenance fee as well as water bill was carried out.

Hopefully, Rimbun and JMB don't screw up like Promista Developers did.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Looks like MC got active and started cleaning and painting some of the areas. The fungus growth and dirty marks on the paint at the ground floor and the wall at the security guard area were removed and repainted with darker brown colour.

I suppose the idea for choosing the dark brown color would be to make fungus/dirts be less visible in the future.

Dirty wall after the entrance of guard house.

(pic taken July08)

Painting the walls at the security guard house.


Cleaning and paint work done..

The area between SL3 and SL4. Painting done.

The place looks neat, except for the wet floor caused by the dripping water from the air condition of the lady who happens to be a hopeless AJK of the present persatuan(PPPEC).

After painting.. the nicer looking Wet Market/Mini Market/Kedai Runcit/Kedai Makan/Restaurant etc.. that belong to Sukri.

One problem with this shop.. it causes grass to die as ppl walk on the grass to go to the shop plus the makan-tables block the walkway.

It also encourages stray cat to enjoying life here with the left over foods from the makan area.

Here meow..

There meow...

Everywhere meow...


Meow Meow

Meow Meow Meow

E - I - E - I - O

oink oink woof woof

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meeting with all Buyers on 27July2008

Meeting was held on the 27July2008 at estana court dewan at about 11am. Turn out, as usual was very very poor. Anyway the meeting did proceed. Followed by some light refreshment.

AJK and MC rep explaining issues to buyers.

Few points were raised.

1) Inquiries about the new JMT( joint management team). There was no news about the JMT or about Rimbun Capital. PPPEC will proceed to represent the buyers interest. According to YDP, there was no one from Rinbun Capital had approached him.

2) News is that Rimbun Capital is legally hv acquired the rights to develop the Block B area but... since the 5% StakeHolder money, abt RM550K been used up by MC without any care or saving for emergency use for estana court's maintenance, it would seem that Rinbun Capital may not have much interest in Block A.

3) MC will continue till the end of its contract.(2years).

5) Water issue.

  1. MC rep said he paid with his own money for the bulk meter water bill as the collection from the individual water bill was not enough to pay to Syabas. Since this is a ridicules claim, some buyers demanded the names of those who have not been paying their water bill be made public by posting on the notice board. The individual water bill money collected by MC should be more that enough to pay for the bulk meter water bill as persatuan is charging 12cent more for each cubic meter used by the tenants. syabas charges only RM1.38 for each cubic meter shown in the bulk water meter. Persatuan charges RM1.50 for each cubic meter used by individual units.

  2. Tenants suggested individual water meter reading be taken over by Syabas. So that the work scope of MC will be reduced, and also the benefit given by the new Selangor Government reaches all the citizens.e.g 20cubic meter free.

  3. TYDP said talks with syabas already had taken place regarding the individual meter billing. YDP will meet syabas to talk over the matter with the relevant people. Issues regarding the maintenance of the water pump and the electricity usage will be discussed.

6) Maintenance Fee

  1. Too much outstanding maintenance service fee to MC.
    It was highlighted that it the MC fee is too high. The collection of maintenance fee is not enough to support the demand by MC. Some buyer suggested MC to withdraw their service as persatuan cannot afford to pay them.
  2. TYDP, Col.Zaini informed that a deal with MC was reach that can help out the situation. a) All the rental from EZnet will be given to persatuan. abt RM2.5K. b) All the public telephone rental will be given to persatuan. abt RM60. c) Part of the JR agency renting collection will be given to persatuan, the sum was not revealed by MC.
  3. All the rental income will go into persatuan sinking fund.
  4. MC was asking RM7.5K for their service of maintaining the building such as cleaning.
  5. Common area electric bill(est. abt rm6k), security guard(est. abt 3.5k), water bill(est. abt rm7k) will be paid by persatuan.
  6. Individual maintenance fee was calculated again and it was decided to maintain the resent fee raise. RM110 (rm10 for sinking fund)for unit from level 1 to 10 and RM 150(rm10 for sinking fund) for shop lots and penthouse.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Irresponsible tenant at A-3-9

The air con water from the unit 3-9 drops/falls to the ground below and causes slippery floor and hits people walking below. Informed the tenant who happens to be a AJK in our persatuan.

I even suggested to her how to divert the aircon water to the drainage pipe just beside the aircon but she refuse to do anything. Instead of correcting the fault she bombasted the MC/Sahfi for not doing proper cleaning of the walls. Totally irrelevant subject. What does MC's lack of ability to keep the walls clean got to do with the dripping water from this makcik's aircon?

Nothing, but to this looneytoon thinks its relevant. She refuses to do anything to correct the problem. Another typical "Hak Aku" type of character, who is not bothered abt other people's safety. She wants a cool room but not bothered if someone gets hurt from slipping on the wet floor.

Aircon at A-3-9 with the Aircon water falling all the way down.

This is the mess the A-3-9 aircon water does. Slippery and wet with fungus growing.

I have requested MC to help out to modify the aircon water to divert it to the drainage pipe near the Air Con. Lets see what happens.

Monday, July 28, 2008

MotorBike Parking Area

After much delay, finally the motorbike area was extended to accomodate the increasing motorbikes at estana court. The 2 car park slots at the entrance were converted into motorbike parking slots. Now hopefully tenants can park thier bikes at the parking area only.. but what to do with those hopelessly lost in setinggan attitude and refuse to park their bikes in the parking area? Let see if the guards can enforce the no parking rules.
This white elephant been removed and the area is now used to park motorbikes.

New additional motorbike parking area with yellow parking slots.

Some people are just not bothered to park in proper place even after informing them. Lets see if they will park at the proper place now.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Used Car

Finally this old worn-out car thats been parked just after the entrance to estana court, been removed. Its been more than 5 month the car been parked here without moving an inch.

Its all "hak aku" punya pasal.

Abandoned n Lonesome MT22


Finally, after 8 months of "tidak-apa", "peduli apa" and "hak-aku" attitude, the illegal BURGER STALL thats been obstructing the passageway in front of SL3 been removed.

Hopefully in future they do there business inside the existing shops.

MPAJ makan cukai pintu from us but tidur when comes to illegal business like this.

November '07

January '08

June '08

July '08

Thursday, June 12, 2008

MC Office at Dewan


MC office been shifted to the small room in the dewan. Previously this room was used by the PPPEC of the late 2007. It was closed forcefully by MC. Since then the bendahari of PPPEC Md Aris had resign.

The location is very good for MC to opearate. Don't know the reason why they transfer the office from secound floor.. and i am not bothered to know any crappy reasons either.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rimbun Capital Sdn Bhd & meeting on 31May08

Out of the blue, on 7thMay08, some joker from a company called Rimbun Capital Sdn Bhd send me an email. The email was requesting me to post a memo announcing a meeting on 31May08. I asked back few simple question and the joker didn't even bother to reply back. What a professional company.

Mr. Nadzri too receive a similar email and he post it in the yahoo group.

How good is this Rimbun Capital Sdn Bhd...

  • First, not bothering to explain or reply emails.
  • Second, not doing proper reseach. They refer Estana Court as an apartment which is wrong according to my S&P. My S&P states Estana Court as a condominium. Syabas was insisting estana court is a condo and they are charging PPPEC, condo rate for the water bill.
  • Third, they state wrong road in the estana court address.
  • Fourth, they disrespect our persatuan by not discussing with our persatuan PPPEC before having a meeting.
Ok now about the meeting on 31May08

At about 1030am..

the girls at the reception didn't have my name on their stupid list claiming that i didn't pay my maintenance fee. I mean WTF, i had been paying my maintenance fee since the begining. I was like, to hell with the stupid meeting and i was off to catch some show on Astro in my home. Receive a call from Dato' Sahfi, I came back and took a seat totally ignoring the stupidity at the reception. The dewan was nearly empty. There couldn't be more that 20 buyer attending the stupid meeting. Including 3 ordinary AJK of PPPEC. No PPPEC TDP, TYDP, Bendahari or Setiausaha..

A buyer, Mr Tahar was very upset that the meeting was not informed properly to the buyers and he was also upset that the persatuan's( PPPEC) role was not respected. My feelings exactly.

Rimbun Capital rep said that a registered letter was send to YDP, Mj Redzuan, informing about the meeting but he didn't receive the letter. How difficult is it to make a phone call and inform him. Can't Rimbun Capital get the phone numbers from Sahfi and call all the buyers imforming about the meeting. Persatuan did it so many times before, when we had meeting.

Anyway Rimbun Capital reps claims that they were legally acting in place of developer, Promista Developers ( the useless developer who cheated the buyers and went bankrupt). Rimbun Capital was claiming that they were appointed by JI(jabatan insolensi). They also claim they had meeting with MPAJ and persatuan was never present during any of the meetings and that the persatuan was informed. Which was a total hogwash, the 3 persatuan member(AJK) who attend this meeting deny any knowledge of calling for any meeting with MPAJ or with Rimbun Capital Sdn Bhd.

Rimbun Capital was not in favour to postpone the meeting even with such a poor show of buyers. They were insisted on selecting 5 buyer to represent the buyer in the Join Management Body, and to set the maintenance fee.

Rimbun Capital was stating that they will refer back to MPAJ if no one was elected.

I and few others disagree with the way Rimbun Capital insisting on selecting buyers to represent all buyers when PPPEC key people are not present, on top of that only few buyers were present. I prefer they refer back to MPAJ or whoever hired them.

Some other ex-PPPEC member like my dear old friend Mr Saleem wanted the election to go on, with those who are staying in estana court to become the member of the new committee. How nice of him.

Thanks but no thanks, i had enough.

Anyway, the 3 odinary AJK( off PPPEC) who were present there plus 2 more buyers was chosen. These people reserve the right to resign and another person may take their place..

With this, according to Rimbun Capital, the persatuan PPPEC no longer have any power, but only these 5 people have the power to hire or fire the MC.

The maintenence fee was reverted back to RM80. Proposed by Puan Rohaya and seconded by Puan Zainab. Overturning the recent increase in maintenance fee by PPPEC.

The interest for late payment was was set at 5% (per annum). Proposed by Zainap to be 1%. Later the interest was set to 5%. Standard rate at other places was said to be from 8 to 10%.

According to Rimbun Capital, the new committee will have to open a new account to collect the maintenence fee etc.

Good Luck ( ahem )

These are some of the guys from Rimbun Capital.. in a nearly empty dewan.

This is the list of newly Joint Management Team is as below..

  • Jefri (A-8-18)
  • Rohaya ( A-11-5)
  • Zainab (A-3-9)
  • Rohani ( A-11-10)
  • Shamsul (A-5-7)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


There is a memo in the notice board and in the eccbcgroup in our yahoogroup regarding the maintenance fee.

Starting from 1st May 2008, the Maintenance Fee had been increased.

The raise coming from PPPEC and MC. I guess the raise was discussed during the AGM in February2008. I didn't attend the meeting as i was in, China.

For the units in 1st to 11floor, the maintenance fee was raised from RM80 to RM100. In addition to a new Sinking Fund of Rm10 each month. So a total of RM30 hike in monthy payments to maintain the building.

For Ground Floor(shoplots) and 12thfloor(penthouse) units the maintenance fee been raised to Rm140 plus Rm10 for sinking fund. A huge raise of RM70.

With limited facilities can the raise justify the services provided?

We do have basic facilities to occupy our units savely and comfortably.. like the following

1) Security

2) Lift - ( one lift is down since like "dinosaurs roamed the earth")

3) Garbage collection

4) Common Area Cleaning and Landscape maintenance

5) Common Area Lighting Maintenance.

6) Managing common water and electric bills.

Facilities like the playground, carpark, motorbike park, dewan etc require no maintenance or require minimum maintenance. There is no gym or swimming pool to maintain either.

Friday, February 08, 2008

NetBall and SepakTakraw n Badminton Court

The Car Park beside the Childrend Playground had been turn into adult PlayGround by MC.

A NetBall court and a Sepak Takraw cum Badminton Court been allocated in the car park.

The Court outline.

Sepak Takraw game..

Net Ball game.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Public Telephone # 2

Public phone number two was installed in at the ground floor lift lobby on the 5th January 2008.

Second public telephone been installed at Lift Lobby.

Condominium konon.

What a joke.. 15jan08. Removed stalled are back in action with more dirty look.

Early January the stalls were moved back to the shop lot and the place looked cleaner. Then, few days ago the MC forcefully took over control from PPPEC and the first thing that come back is the crappy stalls.

I don't think anyone is stopping anyone from doing business legally but why can't they do it in proper place. So many people are using the passage way to get to the lift. Why can't people understand that intensionally obstructing other peoples walking path is uncivilsed. DON'T BLOCK THE PASSAGE WAY TO THE LIFT LOBBY.. with tables, chairs, pot, pans, dustbins. etc.

This is how it looked last year, November/December 2007, before the stalls were removed. This picture shows how the stall operator block the passage way.

Back in November2007

Who is allowing them to erect the stalls and to operate in the main walking areas? Whose "bright" idea is this... MC or PPPEC or MPAJ or OA.

Now the stall is back. January2008.

Ada kedai tapi mau menjaja di tepi jalan juga. Bukan saje buruk dipandang tapi menyusahkan org berlalu.

Chow Kit Road habits just don't go away.

This picture was taken yesterday before the stall is open for business. Imagine during operation hours.

MPAJ already send "cukai pintu" kononya estana court is a condominium. Condo with Chow Kit Road stalls ha ha ha.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


On the 5th of January 2008 about 1pm, there was an incident involving fire to one of the units in the 9 floor. One room was affected but the fire destroyed nearly everything in the room.

Myself, a security guy and some other residents, manage to put out the fire with water before it got worse and spread to other units. MANY THANKS TO THOSE WHO HELP TO PUT OUT THE FIRE, probably saving estana court itself.

Someone had called the BOMBA. By the time the BOMBA ENGINE arrive, the fire was already put out. The BOMBA guys come and took detail from our treasurer, Hj Aris and the unit owner.

Hj Aris hilighted on the notice board that our building is in questionable state and few precaution residents must take to prevent fire.

Is the fire fighting Hose Reels in every floor really tested and ready for emergency use? One thing for sure, I found out on 5thJanuary2008 that the 9th floor hose reel was not working.. no water coming out of the Hose Reel. My RM5 pail was more useful on that day than the Hose Reels in Estana Court.

Bomba Lift running since November2006, is the Lift insured? Nope

One Lift(Even floor lift) down since October 2007.. nobody repair it.

Another Lift(Odd floor lift) up/down selector switch not working on 9th floor since November.. nobody repair it.

Lifgtning Arrestor copper strips stolen during Hari Raya Puasa 2007.. still no replacement.

Peoples lives are involve here and yet people are playing "Taichi"

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Our new persatuan AJK have opened a new office for managing the collections of maintenance bills and water bills and other

I was told that MC will not collect the maintenance and water bills. So any future payments shall be made at the new PPPEC office. The office is situated inside a room in the DEWAN serbaguna. The PPPEC office is close to the lift lobby. The office is located in a much better place than the MC office.

I was told that from 9am till 9 pm payments can be made. AJK person to receive the payments are Hj Aris (unit A-G-3) and Puan Zinap (A-3-9).I will post if there is any changes.

Frankly i dunno whats going on with MC.

Treasurer Md Aris in action.

Future maintenance and water bill payments can be made here..

Friday, November 30, 2007

Shops n Stalls

Some shops at Estana Court

Burger stall during DayTime

Burger Stall during NightTime.


Restaurant at SL-2 during DayTime.

Restaurant at SL-2 during Night Time

Sukri's Kedai Runcit at SL-6 He also serve drinks and food.

Another view of Sukri's ( of A-9-14) grocery shop.

Kedai Dobi at SL-4

Sadiq Segaraga

( *_^ )